Forklift Batteries

Forklift batteries

Battery Technologies UK have been supplying forklift batteries to businesses across the UK for over 45 years. We only supply leading brand products meaning you can be sure that your forklift batteries are of the highest quality.
Motive Power Batteries

Motive Power Batteries

The right battery for the job is so important to us and it's important to you too.
That’s why we stock the premium brands that are able to fulfill 1500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge with a 5 year warranty.
Ex rental batteries are also available if the application is less demanding.

  • BS & DIN size cells
  • 46ah capacity at the 5 hour rate of discharge to 1550ah
  • Low maintenance packages
  • Gel versions for zero maintenance
Lithium 24v Batteries

Lithium 24v Batteries

Lithium-ion is the future for material handling. It is the power behind the hybrid car and the full electric EV and is now available from Battery Technologies UK for your warehouse equipment.
We have a range designed around the smaller warehouse trucks, such as powered pallet trucks and stackers.

The benefits are massive compared to lead acid:
  • Zero maintenance
  • Double the cycle life of lead acid batteries
  • Opportunity charge safe
  • Fast charge-on average 2 hours
  • Higher efficiency which means more usable power at the drive wheel of your truck for longer
  • Less trucks required in your fleet
  • Spare batteries not required
At Battery Technologies UK we have been supplying leading brand forklift batteries since 1970. Based in Bristol we work with customers across the UK, supplying and servicing batteries for businesses both big and small. To find out more, contact one of our experienced team.
For the supply of top quality, leading brand forklift batteries, contact Battery Technologies UK. Based in Bristol we work with customers across the UK
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